Thursday, March 29, 2012

two blogs is weird

Back in the day, I decided that I wasn't going to use this blog anymore, because I was going to start a new, more thematic one:

Well, over time I guess it's morphed into me using two blogs, this one for more life-and-times kind of stuff, and carfreerambles for more bikey kind of stuff. Which is weird sometimes. What if bikey stuff is also life-and-timesy? What if life-and-timesy is about my bike? Oh the dilemma.

Sometimes, it means I post the same thing on both, but that seems dumb. Why have two blogs if you post the same thing on both of them? Which is why I was going to stop writing on this one in the first place...

heh. All that to say that I've been on a bike adventure! But I'll post about it over on carfreerambles. And probably not tonight. But soon:)

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