Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's rainbow season!

Since this weekend, I've seen three rainbows, all gloriously full span, no doubt with a pot of gold underneath each side:) This is my favorite weather. People say that winter's dramatic, with its storms and flurries and extreme temperatures, but I think this--this transition between the end of winter and spring--is the most dramatic of all. And that's what I love about it. I love the tumult of hard, dark rain immediately followed by sunshine, all the more blinding for the way it reflects off the still-angry puddles. I love looking one direction to blue skies and turning around to the darkest grey. I love how the backdrop of an inky sky makes wet trees seem all the more magical when the sun shines on them, when they're the only spot of color against the rest of the world. I like the gamble: when I leave work, will it immediately dump buckets on me, or will I make it home ahead of the clouds?

Too much of this would start to be annoying of course, but that's also what I love about it: these are the few weeks where everything seems possible, where spring and winter and even summer seem to converge, where a day spent biking in the sun can be followed by a day snuggled up on the couch, or a pink-cheeked walk through a dazzling blue sky can turn into a laughing sprint home, sopping wet. This is my favorite weather, because I'm never quite sure what to expect, because unable to focus on only one thing, it does everything.


Anonymous said...

We've had several out here this week, too!

On Wednesday, we had rain, 50 mph winds, thunder, sun, and snow! All in one day! I love it.

little happinesses said...

heh. that's like extreme to the extreme!:) I want to come visit you guys sometime and check out this boise-hood--would you be down for a stasia visit sometime? summer? spring break? long weekend? Let me know:)