Monday, August 3, 2009

not doing it justice

Because I can only think in list form tonight, a few thoughts:

* Apparently you need to give at least 586 grams of blood for your blood donation to be considered viable--any less and they can't use the blood you give. So much to my frustration today, after an hour and 15 minutes of ridiculousness, including the nurse stabbing my arm and no blood coming out and then three other nurses trying to get it to work, I stopped bleeding after having donated only 580g. All that work and this heinous bruise starting to bloom on my arm and they're just going to toss my blood anyway, only 6 grams short of a real donation. It makes me super sad. Though on the bright side, I guess it's good that my blood knows to coagulate when it appears that I might be bleeding to death.

* Alex was just featured in the Sacramento Bee a few days ago, and once again I make a cameo as the "sister who teaches in Portland, OR." Every time I see that in print I want to cringe. I think I don't like being a footnote. If I'm going to be in print, I want it to be on my terms, for something I've done. If it's about Alex, I'd rather not just be the sister-in-passing. Save the space for something he's done.

* James is the most patient man in the world--first, for putting up with my taking off for three and a half weeks of adventure, and now for putting up with my craziness as I try to adjust back to normal life again. I really love Portland and our house and our life here; it's just hard to come back to it and deflate from super adventure mode. Really, I wanted to write up a whole post about adjusting and life back in Portland, but I can't pull it together for some reason. So for now, all I can say is that I'm a lucky stasia to have such a James.

* I'm starting to have dreams about school again. I didn't realize it was weighing on me or anything, but I have no idea what school is going to look like when I go back this fall. When I checked eSIS (our grading/attendance thing) just now, it seemed like my class size was hovering around 28. We've still got a few weeks of summer for that to change, but maybe (I'm sure this is way too much to hope for) it won't go up that much? I also have no idea who my other 7th grade English teacher is going to be. The dude I loved moved to San Francisco and I can only hope that his replacement is half as awesome. I'm kind of getting psyched about more kids though--which is a super good sign:) Last year, I remember wanting to retire early at about this point.

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Linda said...

stasia! your pictures look great! I don't know if the green picture from your 'Little Happinesses' album is from your trip, but I looove that one. It looks like a polaroid from a land camera. The colors are awesome :) Thanks so much for calling. You totally made my day ^_^