Wednesday, September 9, 2009

blank slate

I love a new school year and the students who still represent unbridled potential. Right now, I have no preconceived notions about what any particular student can or can't do. They are all about to become Language Arts superstars. They are all capable of doing their homework, coming to class prepared, and enjoying themselves. They are all capable of self-motivating and taking initiative for their own learning. They are all going to succeed.

As the days go by, I'm sure that some of them I will become less sure about. Some of them will frustrate me. Some of them I will want, occasionally, to slap. And if I were a better person, I can't help but think that every day would be like the beginning of the year--not so much in the total blank slate, I mean, since of course I will learn more about them, but at least in my unbridled optimism that anyone can do it. That's something I want to do better at this year. Every day, any one of my students is capable of succeeding beyond my wildest imagination. I want to hold onto the way I feel about each and every one of them right now.

I adore 7th graders.

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