Tuesday, February 2, 2010

garden planning

Hey all you readers, both visible and stalkerly: I have a question for you. James and I just removed the concrete from the planting strip in front of our house so we can plant a mini-garden between the sidewalk and the street. So what should we plant?

The strip is about a foot and a half wide and maybe 40 feet long, and I'm pretty psyched about using native plants. Even better would be native plants that also serve to attract desirable insects, butterflies, or birds.

We could use it as a third planter box and maybe grow some food. Artichokes are an option, since they're something we've thought about for a while but are too big for our extant planter boxes; chard or kale might be fun too since it both looks pretty and is delicious.

And yet another option: it might be fun to put some rocks and short ground cover in. We can't exactly do a bioswale since the area's not sloped at all, but if anyone knows of plants that are good for water catchment, I'd love to hear about that.

I've been doing some research about native plants and the likes, but if anyone else has any input I'd love to hear it. Comment here, email me, call me, whatever--even if you're someone who I don't know reads this blog:)

Thank you!!

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