Sunday, April 11, 2010

the natural ant nuke

Did you know that ants hate cinnamon? This is a very useful factoid that James and I recently learned while trying to get rid of a semi-ginormous ant highway making its way around our fireplace.

As a sensitive human being (and a much better person than me;), James didn't want to kill the ants, and as chemically-averse as we both are, we didn't want to nuke them with any sort of questionable substance that would ultimately find its way into our own lungs as well. So the ever-resourceful internet suggested cinnamon. Apparently anything spicy-ish repels ants--so cayenne pepper or other comparable household goods would also work--as do things like citrus and mint. Since we have a very large, very old container of cinnamon, we figured we'd start with that.

We liberally sprinkled it around our hearth, paying careful attention to the areas where the ants seemed to be going in and out. And amazingly, the next day there were practically no ants! Since then, I've had to do a few touch-ups as they find trickier and more inventive ways into our house, but overall I've been pretty amazed.

So there you go. Get rid of your Raid and take out the cinnamon:)


Anonymous said... la lavende, aussi. :-)

little happinesses: said...

hm...Next time we'll have to try that. It seems like it might be less messy than piles of cinnamon all over our floor;) Plus, we have all those lavender bushes outside!