Saturday, May 1, 2010

next weekend: awesomeness!

This time next weekend, I will hopefully be stuffing my face after a successful run through McDonald Forest. I haven't really talked about it much, especially since my "training" definitely deserves those quotation marks around it, but I'm starting to get kind of psyched.

This will be my longest run, ever. I'm pretty confident I can run 50k, even though I've never actually run nearly that far. I'm not confident I can run it in a self-respecting time. That'll be okay, really, once I start, because I'm pretty sure it will be a rad run through the forest regardless, but from here, sitting on my couch, I don't just want to run it, I want to run it well. That's just the self-competitive part of me that I pretend doesn't exist but in fact does, quite healthily.

In all reality though, given how ambivalently I've prepared for this, I'm quite mentally prepared to run at the back, enjoying the scenery with all the old ladies--except that it seems like it's the front of the race that's dominated by old people. So I'll be the young whippersnapper limping along at the back, huge grin on my face at a chance to run for six hours (or whatever) through the trees. Like I said, I'm psyched. Bring it on!!:)

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