Monday, June 14, 2010

the race is on and I am losing

Finishing up the school year is one thing; finishing it while simultaneously packing up my classroom is quite another. There's so much I want to write about right now, from telling my students that I'm leaving to some super thought-provoking articles I've read, to my amazingly mixed reactions to not being a part of my school next year and how astoundingly sweet my students all are. But right now, I'm kind of hunkered down trying to get grades done, say thank you to my coworkers, take down three years' worth of classroom buildup, and--the monumental task--set my students loose ready to think critically and take on the world.

Think me happy thoughts. On Friday, it's all over.


Chrystal said...

Hey stranger! I just found some notes from our time at L&C (remember those affirmations we wrote and shared with other Bees one day?), and I got such a nice warm feeling reading yours, I wanted to pass it back to you. And now I see you're leaving your job! That's brave, and I'm sure you'll do great at whatever you do next. You're awesome. Keep me posted.

Chrystal said...

P.S. 50K in McDonald Forest? That's like in my backyard! You're one of those crazy people! :)

little happinesses: said...

aw:) I'm glad you reminded me about that! I'd forgotten. Good old bees. :)

Do you have a sense of what other people are up to? I've basically lost touch with everyone. Perhaps a reunion is in order, especially now that you're back from Japan:)