Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tonight at an instructor training for the Bike Club I'll be a part of, I couldn't help but notice: counting me, there were seven women, five of whom had unshaven legs--the other two, I couldn't see. It's cold(ish) here, after all, and people are wearing pants. But I was super psyched. Even if the two mystery women had shaved their legs, that's a pretty good ratio!

So then I start asking myself questions. Is it just that women who are drawn to bikey education are more alternative? That biking women don't care as much about society's "feminine" ideals? That biking women feel the need to make up for hairless biking men? Can I even make these sweeping generalizations?

Regardless, it gave me the little thrill that I get inside when I feel like I'm bound to someone else in a secret conspiracy against the status quo. Rock it!

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