Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall is...

-Putting my sweatshirt on and then taking it off again about 40 times a day, as the sun comes out and dips away again, over and over

-Crunching through leaves!!

-Popping those fun little helicopter seed pods with my bike tires as I run over them, and smiling with glee

-Reading on our porch in the sunshine

-Looking out our front window at our neighbor's trees, every day more gloriously red and gold in the sunset

-Coming back from every morning run with wet feet from the dewy/frosty grass

-Seeing my breath when I bike hard

-Little kids with multicolored backpacks swarming around the schools

-Pumpkins and all manner of fall squash appearing in the farmer's markets!

-Apple crisp and cider

-Mist in the mornings

-Red cheeks and noses, warm beanies, gloves

-Frenzied squirrels EVERYWHERE (and their residual peanut shells buried in all parts of our garden)

-A super happy stasia:)

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