Thursday, April 7, 2011

long time no see!

Hmm.. it's been a while, huh? I guess I've sort of been taking an unplanned break from the bloggy world while life picked up a little: I started two new jobs, both of which are fantastic, and am taking some classes at Portland State. Plus there's all this volunteering stuff that I love and don't want to drop, even though I have much less time now. So I've been busy, and saving my writing for my real journal and my classes.

But you know what's awesome? Even though I feel really busy all of a sudden, it's fricken fantastic. I don't really even know how best to describe this except to say that even though I haven't been getting home until almost 9 on some days, every single thing that I have going on right now is something that I chose to do because I love it. I'm taking classes because they're interesting and stimulating, because they push me to learn. I'm teaching Bike Club, which is phenomenal, because I love bikes and kids and teaching, even more so when I can have them all at once. I've still got the farmer's market board stuff going on. I'm learning so much about birds and the natural world with Audubon and all this other naturalist stuff. I've been running, biking... I don't want to just make a list or anything, but every single fricken thing in my life right now feels like it's there because I want it to be, because it brings me joy and fulfillment and purpose. It's amazing.

This is why I left teaching, to find this way of living. I'm happy, fulfilled. And busy--but, so far, in the best of ways:)

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