Friday, June 10, 2011

from the front lines of work

One of the teens I work with today told me that she was going to start calling me "Ms. H." --not because I'm actually Ms. Honnold, but by virtue of my veganism and who knows what else, she has ascertained that I'm a giant hippie. But "Ms Hippie" is too weird, she said, so Ms H it is.

I'm curious what, exactly, makes her think I'm a hippie. I've only been at this job for a month or so, and and I've not been super vocal about any sort of veganism, leg-hairiness, car-lessness, or any other vestige of overt hippiness. I'm not sure I've even actually definitively said I don't eat meat. So I'm curious what it is, in my simple fact of existing, that makes me scream hippie.

Either way, I'm not too sad about it. heh. If she wants to call me a hippie, awesome. Maybe it'll inspire me to finally get some damn chickens for my yard:)

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Christy said...

:) Go Ms. H! Represent for all us semi-tree hugger types :)