Monday, January 26, 2009

Ms. Honnold's classroom: a student perspective

We've been working on writing in my class lately. The big idea has been for students to really slow down and explain what they're talking about, since the average 7th grade mind goes at about ten million miles a minute and the idea of actually describing anything in detail is totally ridiculous to most of them. It's been rough, but I think they're starting to get it.

The following triptych, though, is the result of a prompt I gave them to describe (in detail!:) our classroom. I used three of my favorite responses. Keep in mind they're student (7th grade student) work, so don't mind the typos or grammar errors.

Ode to Language Arts

Have you ever been to Ms. Honnold’s room? No! Well why not? In her classroom there is a million posters on the wall! And if your good she just might make you a LA superstar and put your name up on the wall too. All around her room is posters and pictures. In a corner of her room is three chairs so you can read in comfort. In the middle of the room are tables with the letters from A-G. There’s a sink by the door and next to the sink is her shiny red bike. It’s a great room!

It was an inviteful friendly place, that is what I thought when I walked into Ms. Honnold’s classroom. There was a whole corner for reading with comfortable chairs all facing where Ms. Honnold sits. Posters everywhere, all different colors and designs all encouraging us to read. It was kind of like walking into a rainbow. There was a sink with an amazing wonderful drinking fountain with the most exquisite water I have ever tasted. And to top it all off there was Ms. Honnold with a smile and a chocolate chip cookie.

As I walked in to Ms. Honnold's room I was struck by sunlight filtering through the windows. A large white board crossed the west wall. It was dyed with the many lessons from before, although now was covered in the important topics from the day. Posters for inspiration, reading and helping the world dotted the walls. Messages and records of the students lessons filled the room with a bright colorful feeling that this was a place of learning and friends. A soft corner of the room is filled with books and soft chairs that make you feel like your sitting on a cloud. I breathed deeply and started reading.


aimee said...

Those are great passages and all so different! It sounds like you have an amazing classroom...I wish I could go there to learn :)

little happinesses said...

Aren't they fun? I felt almost like a 7th grader myself reading them, all nervous about how my kiddos perceived of our room and super excited when they were good:) heh. My favorite thing is "Ms Honnold with a smile and a chocolate chip cookie." Cutie!

bjkabe said...

Thank you for your encouragement! Reading these descriptions really helps keep things in perspective.