Friday, August 28, 2009

thoughts for a fall-feeling day

I'm super stoked for two new things that will start next month: piano lessons again, and a creative nonfiction writing class. Of course, I'm sure there will be times when I wonder why I signed up for all these consuming things that require practice and diligent work (I'm sure I will especially think this on Friday nights when the school week is finally over and I still have writing homework to do before my class on Saturday;) but I'm stoked for the push. Learning is exciting.

I'm also stoked about a book I just started reading: Kiwis Might Fly by Polly Evans. I started it because after she heard we were thinking about visiting New Zealand, James' mom sent it up to me for my birthday. And 40 pages in, I'm loving it. I've never really been sold by travel literature before, but this is 1) really well written, and 2) highly entertaining. It feels less like a tedious litany of travelogue and more like a real story that happens to involve history and travel. Granted, there's a lot more of it so it could take a rapid turn downhill, but I'm loving it so far.

And seeing as it's a fall-feeling day, and that it just started to rain--warm and sweet-smelling--I'm stoked for one more thing: my last day off, with time to read on the porch.

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