Monday, November 2, 2009

it's blanket time!

Daylight savings time always elicits a mixture of excitement and loss.

Of course, the extra hour of sleep, or halloween party, or whatever, is always a good thing. Even better is the way that all of a sudden, with a magical turn of the clock, I can see again when I head to school in the morning. It was even starting to lighten up by the time I got home from my early-ass run--or maybe that was just the effect of the absolutely gorgeous morning moon. Either way, it's nice to feel like I should be awake, if not when I actually get up, at least by the time I leave.

On the other hand, it means that it was dark by the time I got home. Today, it wasn't so bad. It was still light out when I left school: a beautiful, subdued, fall sunset complete with brushstroke clouds of all colors, leaves beneath my tires, my breath swirling in front of me in the cold. It wasn't until the end of my ride that it was actually dark. And the clear, crisp weather and rising moon made me feel more excited to be out and heading back to my cozy house, waiting agenda of roasting up some veggies, than sad for how dark it was so early.

I'm sure that after a while it will get old, as it always does, to leave school in the dark, wet, cold. But for now I'm reveling in the coziness of it all. Transition seasons are always my favorite.

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