Monday, October 26, 2009

I am grateful:

-for the feeling of strong muscles on a long run

-for the extreme drama of fall weather

-for fresh apples, from local orchards

-for communal cooking and eating

-for piano music: both listening to and creating of

-that I can be emotionally overcome, in the good way

-for friends who help me be the best I can be

-that I never doubted, growing up, that I was loved

-that I still don't doubt that I'm loved

-for my bike. Oh man, how grateful I am for my bike!

-for my houseplants

-that I have somewhere indoors to go when it's rainy and cold.

-for fallen leaves that crunch underfoot, or seeds that pop under my bike tires

-for ThroatCoat tea

-for camping, hiking, backpacking and the nature that still exists in this world

-for hugs and snuggles

-to people who still wink

-when people ask how you're doing and actually mean it to be a real question, with a real answer

-for fruit trees that grow in my neighborhood

-that I could add on to this list forever. I'm lucky, happy.

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