Tuesday, February 9, 2010

whatever happened to biking?

I was just looking at my blog the way it looks when you just navigate to the page--something I don't often do, since I tend to just see my discrete posts when I publish and edit them. I'd forgotten that I made a tag line for myself over there on the right that says "run, bike, teach, repeat."

Huh! It certainly is an appropriately-scattered tag line for a fairly shotgun-approach blog (one topic? Never will I be so constrained!:) But it made me realize that I haven't really talked much about biking lately. I guess in the winter biking becomes more of a simple issue of transportation, not necessarily something I revel in. Unless you're screaming down a mountain in the mud (something I would love to try; anyone have a mountain bike they want to give me?), biking in the winter isn't necessarily particularly awesome. It's not bad here, I mean--the rain gets demoralizing but it's certainly not the end of the world--but winter biking never really inspires in me the same sense of glee and freedom that biking in any other season does.

Now that we're coming into some sporadically sunny weather, though, my biking legs are getting fired up. The crocuses coming up, the birds in the morning, the sunshine through my classroom window the last two days--all these conspire to bring my bikey wanderlust out of hibernation.

Pretty soon, maybe, will be the day where--without having all my efforts thwarted by the next day's rain--I can deep-clean, re-cable, tweak and adjust until everything on my bike is sparkling clean and devastatingly efficient. That will be a glorious day, the return to well-oiled recreational biking.

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