Sunday, February 21, 2010

a woman of simple pleasures

That's what my trail running buddy called me while we were driving back from Saturday's race, the Hagg Lake Mud Run. After 25km of slogging through some fantastic mud, after a post-race wade into the lake, shoes and all, to try to wash up a little, after cheering on a bunch of other runners, I was fantasizing about the bagel sandwich I was going to make for myself once I got home.

"I'm going to toast the bagel just right, then add hummus, and like half a red pepper, and some zucchini and helllllla spinach and it's going to be so. awesome," is basically what I said. And then I'm pretty sure I smiled gleefully to myself, delighting in the image of future stasia tearing into the perfect bagel sandwich.

He laughed at me and gave me the simple pleasures comment. And you know what? I am a woman of simple pleasures, and dammit, that's what makes life so great. Do me a favor: take some time today and revel in something little and awesome--a daffodil that wasn't there yesterday, a scone that comes perfectly browned out of the oven, a little kid trying to throw a basketball that's almost bigger than he is--and tell me about how it made you smile. Those simple things, man. That's what it's all about:)

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