Monday, November 29, 2010


I feel like I should write a Thanksgiving post (maybe just because everyone and their mom writes posts on Thanksgiving), but I can't help but feel silly every time I start. And it's taken me a few false starts like that to realize that it's because I'm not buying into the basic premise: sure, I'm thankful on Thanksgiving, but in all honesty, I try to be thankful every day. So trying to muster extra writey thankfulness just because it's the fourth Thursday of November seems a little forced to me this year.

Of course, I am thankful, for way too much to ever write here. Good health, this time of unemployment/exploration, good friends, happy home, did I mention good health, the ability to sustain myself, living in Portland... In truth, I am absolutely humbled by the amazing things that come to me in life. It seems unfair, even, that I could receive so much goodness.

I'm pretty thankful for this guy, too:

...and for our awesome weekend at the coast (complete with a reheated Thanksgiving meal that we'd prepared in advance. heh). As always, you can see pictures on my picasa page.

And I'm also thankful that tomorrow brings new adventure: a short stay on an organic farm in Galt, learning the ropes of small-scale organic farming, then a bike ride down the California coast. Like I said, it's amazing to me that life can be so awesome. I am a lucky girl.

There. A Thanksgiving post after all:) But please folks, keep being thankful even now, days after Thanksgiving, and help me stay thankful too. It's lovely out there, and there's so much.

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