Wednesday, December 8, 2010

it goes, the adventure

Hi guys!

I haven't been posting not because I've forgotten you, or forsaken the internet, but because I've been without for real internet for the last week while I learned about organic farming in Galt. Tonight, I'm at a public library in Half Moon Bay, taking advantage of the lights and warmth to stay awake until a reasonable time. It's hard when it's been dark for two hours already and it's only 7--totally not a respectable time for sleeping. Even if I do want to get up at the ass crack of dawn, going to sleep at 7 is just fricken ridiculous.

And why do I need a library for light and to keep myself awake? Because tonight I'm sleeping in Alex's van; tomorrow I set out on the biking part of my adventure. I'll post more substantially about farming and biking later, when I don't have finite guest internet time.

It looks to be rainy tomorrow, but (hopefully!) nice after that. Think me happy thoughts, and away I go!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Adventure. I hope it's the best damn coast-biking trip a person could have.

little happinesses: said...

heh. I think it might have been:)

Well, a longer one might have been better;) And one with a little more in the way of daylight hours. But I'm pretty fricken STOKED about it! I love this coast-biking trip!!